what we do

Building and Maintenance

RCS Projects Management introduces and develops knowledge of basic building maintenance tools and materials, applied skills and techniques, industry health and safety standards, and preventive maintenance and troubleshooting practices required by employers for entry-level positions in the building trades and facilities maintenance fields.

Building and Maintenance

We provide all of the material,labor,equipment and services necessary for the carpentry of the project.We perform all or portions of the carpentry work.When using subcontractors, the general contractor is responsible for the quality of all work performed by any and all of the hires.


RCS Project Management paves roads, parking lots, common areas for any & all places from, churches, stores, strip malls, movie centers, offices, sports complexes (including TENNIS courts), schools, apartments, etc.

Wooden Floor and Framing

We are quality suppliers with quality products. We give you more options.  We use a lot more wood, on walls and ceiling as well as floors. It changes the characters of those spaces and warms them and softens them and for us, that is an important component of what we do. A lot of contemporary buildings can be quite hard and unappealing if you’re not careful with unpacking and how you finish them


Providers of world class industrial and commercial household cleaning services, sanitary waste disposal and supply of contract workers.We provide our customers with total cleaning packages in an environmentally sound,completely trustworthy and professional manner. 


Tiles can be made of ceramics, mosaic, and natural stone. Likewise the environment in which they are used is equally diverse: walls, floors, and staircases in houses, offices, gardens, factories, public buildings, and places of worship.


Carpentry is a precision skill which requires accuracy in measuring and cutting so that everything fits into the construction project smoothly and no wood is wasted. Using power and hand tools, a carpenter utilizes ancient and modern techniques to work with wood and to execute perfectly the process of converting raw wood into finished products.

Saunas and Electrical Maintenance.

Saunas have been used for thousands of years and are still popular today. A sauna can help people to unwind and relax, and it may have other health benefits.Electrical maintenance covers all aspects of testing, monitoring, fixing, and replacing elements of an electrical system. Usually performed by a licensed professional with a complete knowledge of the National Electric Code and local regulations